Austin Environmental News: Can the “Green” Movement Go Too Far?

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Going green has always been an Austin tradition, but can the green movement go too far?

One recent environmental trend that’s been causing quite the stir in Austin is the “green burial.”

So what exactly is a green burial?

Photo provided by Wicker Paradise

Photo provided by Wicker Paradise

In a green burial, the body of the deceased is lowered in the ground without a casket. It will then be allowed to decompose naturally.

Proponents of the movement argue that we simply don’t have enough room in cemeteries to house large caskets and that green burials dramatically reduce the costs associated with funerals. In fact, a green burial averages $900 while a more traditional burial averages $10,000.

These benefits, however, haven’t been enough to convince most people to forgo a traditional funeral. Many people are still understandably squeamish at the thought of forgoing a coffin.

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