Austin Junk Hauling: How to Repurpose Your Junk into Awesomely Useful Items

Posted: May 21, 2013 in junk removal
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As an Austin junk hauling company, we’re frequently called out to haul away junk that people have no use for. Sometimes, the junk flowerpotreally is completely useless. Most of the time the homeowners simply need to remove the junk and have no interest in creative re-purposing. But for a select few items and a small group of crafty homeowners, there are amazing ways to re-purpose your junk into incredibly useful household items.

The following Squidoo pages showcase some of the best ways we’ve seen people re-purpose their junk into items they can use every day. All pages include step-by-step instructions.

For steps to turn old newspapers into flowering pots, read

For making a backyard fire pit out of an old broken down washing machine, see

The author of this page shows visitors what she does with all the stuff she finds at garage sales. However, the tips are excellent for re-purposing stuff you have laying around the house:!

If you’re into arts and crafts, this blog shows you how to turn your old junk into artwork:!

Lastly, for tips on what to do with all that junk mail that comes to your house, visit

However, if after viewing these pages, you still haven’t found any inspiration to re-purpose your junk and simply want it hauled away, Dirty Work will be happy to help.

Of if you just want more information on how to reuse your junk, organize your house or get rid of your junk, find us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.


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