As an Austin junk removal company, we can assure you that when it comes to getting a good price for your home, few things matter as much as “curb appeal.” Simply put, curb appeal is exactly what it sounds like – how good your home looks from the outside or curb – and taking a few simple steps can dramatically increase your appeal, leading to a better selling price for your home.

If you would like to increase your home appeal, consider:

#1 – Fixing up your yard.

house 3Make sure your entire yard looks neat and tidy. Mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubbery and bushes and planting flowers can all dramatically add to your curb appeal.

# 2 – Painting the house, front door and garage.

If your home needs a new coat of paint, now is the time to do it. Repainting the entire house is one of the more drastic steps you can take to improve your home appeal, but many homeowners find it worth it.

If your home doesn’t need completely repainted, you could still consider painting your front door to freshen up the way your home looks from the street. Consider painting the door a funky color to add personality and flare to your house. A popular trend right now is red front doors.

Also, when deciding what to repaint, don’t overlook your garage. It may just need a fresh coat of paint too.

#3 – Replacing your wreath and door mat.

front doorIf your wreath or door mat are worn or outdated, consider replacing them. The front door is the focal point of your home and thus you need to ensure that it represents your home well.

#4 – Fixing broken windows.

Broken windows give the impression that your home has not been taken care of properly. Remember, the broken windows theory of the 1980’s? Therefore, it is important to make sure to fix all broken windows before showing the house to potential buyers.

#5 – Cleaning the gutters.

Like broken windows, rusty, poorly-painted or dirty gutters are signs of a home that may not have been properly taken care of. If you gutters need replaced, replace them. If they need cleaned out, either do it yourself or call an Austin gutter cleaning company for assistance.

#6 – Removing any junk.

When it comes to increasing your curb appeal, many realtors recommend, albeit slightly ironically, that you remove all signs that your home is actually lived in. This means cleaning up all children’s toys, removing all dog waste, etc. as well as making sure that your outdoor furniture is nice. If your outdoor furniture looks worn, move it to the garage or backyard.

If you have piles of debris lying around or if you need someone to removal all the waste from the yard work you’ve been doing, you may need the services of a professional Austin junk removal company.

#7 – Dressing up your mailbox.House 1

When it comes to curb appeal, many people over look their mailbox. Make sure the mailbox and its street numbers are well painted. You may also want to consider planting flowers around the base of your mailbox.

#8 – Adding lighting.

Well-light yards look better from the street. They convey a sense of warmth and safety. So you might want to consider installing lights throughout your garden or along your walkway so that everyone can see your awesome yard at night too!

#9 – Paying attention to the side of the house. 

When it comes to increasing their curb appeal, people frequently overlook the side of their home as well, but since the side of the home can still be seen from the street, it is still very important. Consider planting flowers on the side of your home to increase your curb appeal. The side of a home is a great place to add an extra flower garden.

house 2#10 – Fixing up the driveway.

The average homeowner doesn’t really maintenance their driveway. For this reason, driveways are usually in need of maintenance. Kill all the weeds that have grown up through the cement and fix any cracks in the driveway. If your driveway is in really bad condition, you might want to consider repaving it completely. Fortunately, most homeowners will be able to get away with only fixing a few cracks.

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