Austin Junk Hauling: The Consequences of Hiring a Bad Firm

Posted: May 25, 2013 in junk removal
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Unfortunately, junk hauling is one of those industries where unprofessional companies can make a killing. You’ve probably seen the advertisements on Craigslist or Facebook. “Have truck, can haul” or “Will haul junk for cheap.” The ads can be tempting. Pay someone $20 and they’ll come haul away your junk? Sounds too good to be true! Austin junk hauling

And that’s because it is…

First and foremost, those guys aren’t likely to have insurance and if you hire an uninsured junk hauler to get rid of your junk, you will have no legal recourse if your property is damaged. You may not even know how to contact the guy again after he leaves your home, leaving you to suffer the financial burden.

In addition, if you hire an uninsured hauler and he is injured while doing the job on your property, he could legally sue you. A lawsuit will quickly eat up any money you may have saved by hiring him instead of a professional junk removal company to begin with.

These guys are also unlikely to be licensed. Licenses ensure that the man you hired knows how to do the job you hired him for. If you don’t hire a licensed Austin junk hauling company, you could literally be hiring anyone. It’s a gamble whether or not they will be able to do the job safely and efficiently.

Licenses also ensure that the company will dispose of your junk in the proper way. Without having a license, the guy has no incentive to not just dump your junk on the side of the road somewhere. And believe it or not, this is a common problem and it gets worse. If the guy dumps your stuff on the side of the road and police are able to identify the stuff as yours, you will be legally responsible for the dumping and may have to pay a fine.

Lastly, respectable junk hauling companies will run background checks on their employees before they hire them and weed out anyone with criminal records. But when you hire someone random online to remove your junk, you’re allowing a stranger into your home, increasing your risk of theft.

When it comes down to it, is saving a little bit of money worth these risks?

If you need an Austin junk hauling company, check out our website and reviews on Angie’s List.

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