Austin Junk Hauling: Hoarders, Pinterest, Pawn Stars…How Did Junk Become so Cool?

Posted: June 1, 2013 in junk removal
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Hoarders took viewers inside the homes of hoarders for the first time ever. Viewers were fascinated, horrified and completely addicted!

Have you noticed that junk has become like ridiculously popular over the last few years? What gives?

Well like fashion, art and entertainment, the way people feel about junk is heavily influenced by the media. A&E’s Hoarders got people talking about junk. (And as an Austin junk hauling company, we’re glad they did!) Then later on, television viewers cheered alongside guests on The History Channel’s Pawn Stars, hoping to see someone come in with “junk” that was in fact a priceless historical artifact.

But there are thousands of shows on TV, so why did shows about junk become so popular?

Well when Hoarders first came on, there was simply nothing like it on television and people were in awe. One of the trademarks signs of a hoarder is isolation. A genuine hoarder will hardly ever allow even immediate family into their homes for fear of judgment. So for the vast majority of Americans, the premiere of Hoarders was their first glimpse inside the world of hoarding.

And they loved it.

Hoarders quickly became one of A&E’s most popular shows. Viewers watched in horror and this became the main appeal of the show. It was, and still is, all about shock value. The producers want you to turn to your roommate and exclaim, “How can people live like that?!?”

And the show did definitely get people talking. Hoarding became a household word, leading to increased interest in junk.

When interest in junk began to soar, it was only logical that someone would create a show like Pawn Stars. After all, isn’t it everyone’s dream to find out that some old painting they inherited was worth a million dollars?!?

Pawn Stars catered to our dreams of striking it rich one day.

Pawn Stars catered to our dreams of striking it rich one day.

Of course, it is! And Pawn Stars greatly plays to their audience’s dreams. Notice how the customer always explains how he/she came into possession of the object? Notice how it’s always something like they bought it at a thrift store or inherited it or it’s been sitting in their attic, etc.? It works because it gives viewers at home hope! How many of us have items we’re purchased at thrift stores or inherited? Don’t we all secretly hope they’ll be worth enough to fund our retirement?

Then when Pinterest launched, it gave the junk movement even more fuel. Now there was a way for those interested in arts and crafts or green living to easily share photos of ways they reused their junk as home or garden décor. All of a sudden, millions of men and women were seeing thousands of ways to make stuff out of their junk.

And once again, they loved it!

The junk pins fulfill several needs that the average pinner has. For example, pinners frequently want tips and tricks on how to make their home look better. Thousands of pins featuring repurposed junk showed them how to do this uniquely and inexpensively.

So how long will junk stay trendy? As with any trend, no one can tell, but the cool junk phase has been going strong for few years and shows no sign of slowing down!

However, if you have some junk that isn’t worth anything that you would simply like removed, call Austin junk hauling provider Dirty Work at 512-328-3698 or find us on FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedIn or Pinterest.


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