Austin Junk Hauling: Things That Should Send You Running from a Junk Removal Company

Posted: June 13, 2013 in junk removal
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There are a lot of junk hauling companies out there. And when you need to hire a junk hauling company, it’s important to know how to beastdistinguish between a professional company and some guy hauling junk with his truck.

Fortunately, if you have doubts about the professionalism of a company, it’s pretty easy to distinguish a reputable company from the others. For example, you should run away from any company that says the following…

“We’ve just opened.”

Of course, every business has to start somewhere, but it’s harder to verify the reputation of a new company and companies that have been in the industry for a long time bring more experience to the table.

“We’re the cheapest.”

As with everything else, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Reputable junk hauling companies will dispose of your junk in an environmentally-friendly manner. This costs money and if you’re paying a guy $20 to come pick up your junk, he may just randomly dump it on the side of the road instead. This sounds far-fetched, but it’s actually a very common problem with unprofessional junk removal companies.

And if the guy does dump your junk on the side of the road and the police find identifying information, you can be charged with illegal dumping!

“We can’t give you a quote.”

As an Austin junk hauling company, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to give an exact price quote before you see the job. However, the company should still be able to give you a ballpark estimate. Are you looking at $50 or $500?

Be wary of companies that are unwilling to give you a quote. If they need more information about your job, offer to send them a picture of it. If they don’t want to see your picture, move on.

“Insurance isn’t mandatory.”

Run away as fast as you can from any company that says this. Any reputable junk hauling company will have insurance. In fact one of the main reasons to hire a professional company over a random guy off Craigslist is because of the insurance. If the company doesn’t have insurance, you’ll be legally liable for any damage the company does to your home as well as any injuries the company’s workers suffer while on your property.

If you need the services of a professional junk hauling company in the Austin area, call Dirty Work at 512-328-3698 or find us on FacebookTwitter or Google+.


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