Austin Junk Hauling – 3 Things You Don’t Know About Junk Hauling Companies

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Austin junk hauling

Junk hauling seems like a pretty straight forward business model – a company comes to your house, picks up your junk and hauls it off. But there are actually a few things we bet you don’t know about the junk hauling industry that you definitely need to know before hiring anyone to haul your junk…

We aren’t required to have insurance…

Junk hauling companies are not legally required to have insurance. All professional companies will, however, carry insurance. Make sure to ask a company about their insurance coverage before hiring them. If they don’t have any or won’t provide specifics, run!

And we mean it. If you hire an Austin junk hauling company that doesn’t have insurance, you’ll be legally responsible for any problems that occur including damage to your home and injury to any of the junk hauling company’s employees.

A lot of companies aren’t professional…

The junk hauling industry is plagued by unprofessional companies. You’ll see these “companies” advertising on Craigslist. Usually, they consist of a couple of men and a truck offering rock bottom hauling prices.

Why shouldn’t you hire these companies? Well first of all, they’re unlikely to have appropriate insurance. Second, you have no way to verify the company’s background or that of its employees. Do you really want to let a stranger, whose background you can’t verify, into your home? And for a third reason…

Not all companies dispose of junk responsibly…

If you do hire an unprofessional Austin junk hauling company that you found on Craigslist, you have no way to verify how they will dispose of your junk. All of the companies will say that they’re simply hauling your stuff down to the dump, but are they? San Francisco officials have recently report an increase in illegal dumping, which they believe could be caused by unprofessional junk hauling companies. Worst of all, if you hire a junk hauling company who dumps your junk by the side of the road and the city can trace the junk back to you, you can be fined a few hundred dollars for illegal dumping.

Here at Dirty Work, however, we don’t think it’s enough for junk hauling companies to simply haul your junk down to the dump. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure all junk that can be recycled is. When you’re hiring an Austin junk hauling company, we encourage you to hire one that will recycle all your junk.

If you need a junk hauling company in the Austin area that is fully insured, professional and adamant about recycling your junk, contact Dirty Work at or call 512-328-3698.

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