Austin Junk Removal: How to Clean a Hoarder’s Home

Posted: June 19, 2013 in junk removal
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You’ve probably watched the television show Hoarders and been amazed at how the professionals are able to clean out the entire house and return it to livable conditions. Well the truth is, the process is a lot longer and more difficult than what’s shown on TV. Cleaning out a hoard as large as the ones featured on the show, can take weeks and requires an extensive amount of manual labor. This is why most people simply hire a junk removal company to clean up.

But if you’re determined to clean up a hoarder’s home on your own, Austin junk removal provider Dirty Work offers the following tips…

Safety first!

Hoarders’ homes are full of safety hazards. Before you even step inside the home, you need to take appropriate safety precautions. Wear closed-toe shoes and heavy rubber gloves. If the hoarder has several animals, wear a mask to protect you from the toxic ammonia in the animals’ urine. Also when you’re inside the house, be on the lookout for spiders, scorpions or other poisonous bugs.

Start small…

Cleaning a hoarder’s home is a daunting task. If possible, start with one of the smaller rooms or even the bathroom. Cleaning out a hoarder’s bathroom can easily take an entire day and cleaning out a small bedroom can take several.

Start with trash…

When it comes time to actually begin cleaning, start by getting rid of all the trash the hoarder has accumulated. Place plastics, paper and aluminum in separate bins for recycling. All the other trash will, unfortunately, have to go to the dump.

Then move to junk…

Even if you have decided to clean out the home yourself, you’ll probably need to call an Austin junk removal company for help getting rid of all the hoarder’s junk. The junk removal company will know the appropriate place to recycle all of the junk at as well as save you all the trouble of loading the junk in a truck and hauling it off.

Many families think they will be able to donate the hoarder’s old junk. Unfortunately, most times the junk is in such bad condition, it cannot be donated. Set aside anything that you think is still in decent condition to donate and give it a good, through cleaning before dropping it off at the donation center.

And sanitize…

Hoarders’ homes are often filthy and unsanitary. After you have removed all the junk and trash, you’ll need to deep clean the entire house.  Bleach the sinks and tubs. Scrub the floors. Wipe out the cabinets. You get the picture. Basically, it’s spring cleaning times ten.

Lastly, beautify!

Once you’ve finished cleaning out the hoarder’s home, make it somewhere they can be proud to live in! Power wash the outside of their home. Repaint the interior walls and baseboards. Redecorate the bedrooms and bathrooms. Do whatever you can to make the home an enjoyable place to live in.

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