Austin Junk Removal: 3 Common Scams

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Unfortunately, there are several junk removal scams floating around online and the best Austin junk removaldefense against these scams is a good offense.  In this case, by playing “offensively”, we mean equipping yourself with the knowledge that will help you spot these scams and avoid falling prey to them.

First, you’ll need to know that there are three major types of junk removal scams out there.

The first “scam” isn’t exactly a scam per say, but it’s still something you need to keep a look out for. We’re talking about when you hire a junk removal contractor, only to end up with much less than you paid for.  Instead of a couple of insured professional haulers with appropriate equipment showing up, you get some guy, almost guaranteed to be uninsured, with a truck.

Yes, this isn’t exactly a scam, because the guy really will haul your junk off, but it’s still not a good idea. Notice how, we’ve been making such a fuss about insurance? That’s because insurance protects you, not the junk hauler. If an uninsured junk hauler damages your home, you will have no legal recourse. In addition, if an uninsured junk hauler injuries himself while at your home, he can sue you.

The second “scam” occurs when a junk removal company misrepresents where it’s dumping your stuff. Not all junk removal companies will dispose of your junk appropriately and you can never just assume a company will recycle it. In fact, unless a company explicitly tells you that it will recycle your junk, it probably will not.

San Francisco officials have recently noticed an increase in illegal dumping that they believe may be caused by unprofessional junk removal companies. See when a junk hauling company recycles your junk or takes your trash to the dump, they have to pay a fee. Some unethical companies, however, have begun simply dumping the junk they collect on the side of the road, where it becomes the city’s problem.

And if the city can identify the junk as yours, you’ll be held legally responsible for the illegal dumping.

The third scam is the rarest but most feared by homeowners. This is when thieves pose as junk haulers to gain entrance to your home. The thieves then take a couple of items from the home while they are “removing your junk.”

Fortunately, this scam is not as common as most people think. In fact, the much more common version of this scam is for criminals to pose as moving companies and make off with all the homeowner’s stuff.

If you’re looking for a professional Austin junk removal company that will dispose of your old junk in a responsible manner, including recycling all recyclable materials, email Dirty Work at or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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