Austin Trash Removal: The 5 Worst Things to Say to a Hoarder

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Austin trash removal
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It’s frustrating when someone you love is a full-blown hoarder. Most people are tempted to just go in to the hoarders’ home and start cleaning, but resist the urge. This is actually one of the worst things you can do. Simply, throwing away a hoarders’ junk can cause the hoarder extreme stress.

Hoarders need emotional support – lots of it – throughout the entire cleanup process. To make the cleanup process as smooth as possible, you should refrain from saying the following 5 things…

“This is just trash.”

Maybe to you and me, it’s trash, but to the hoarder it has sentimental value.

“I’m throwing this away.”

If you begin throwing away a hoarder’s stuff against their wishes, the hoarder will feel a loss of control. This will cause extreme stress and is counterproductive to the cleanup process.

“How do you live like this?”

Hoarders need support, not judgment. They’re already deeply ashamed of the way they live and you rubbing it in won’t help.

“This is disgusting.”

Hoarders know that their lifestyle is unsanitary and as I mentioned above, they are deeply ashamed of it. The process of cleaning out their hoard is emotional enough without adding extra shame.

“You don’t need this junk.”

Hoarders don’t see their stuff as junk. They see it as valuable possessions. Calling it junk or trash insults them and telling them they don’t need it, puts them on the defensive.

Enjoyed this article? Come back tomorrow for the 5 best things to say to hoarders.

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