Austin Junk Removal: Inside Animal Hoarding

Posted: June 30, 2013 in junk removal
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As an Austin junk removal company, we’re sometimes called to clean up the homes of hoarders. Sometimes, these hoarders don’t just hoard junk though – they hoard animals.

Animal hoarding is a complex problem. Animal hoarders have too many animals to provide even basic care for, but yet the owners honestly believe they aren’t causing any harm to these animals. The animals are frequently sick and many times dying, but the owners are completely oblivious to this. Most of the time, they insist that they have “saved” the animals from life on the street or death at a shelter.

According to the Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium, this complete denial of their situation is one of the classic signs of an animal hoarder.

Animal hoarding researchers from have identified a few categories that animal hoarders can be classified under:

“The Overwhelmed Care-Giver”

This hoarder begins harmlessly. At first, they will be deeply attached to their animals and will provide adequate medical care for them. But eventually, they simply take on too many animals and become overwhelmed. When they are no longer able to meet the basic needs of their animals, they are classified as hoarders.

“The Rescuer”

The rescuer believes that only he or she can save their animals from an almost certain death at an animal shelter or on the streets. Unlike the overwhelmed care-giver, a rescuer will actively acquire more animals. They usually believe that they are the only ones who are willing to care for the animals and thus, they are doing a good deed by providing all of their animals with a home.

“The Exploiter”

These hoarders are indifferent to the needs of their animals. In their minds, the animals exist to serve the hoarders’ emotional needs. They are self-absorbed and crippled by a need for control. They actively evade police and show no remorse when caught.

Because of the genuinely good intentions of the hoarders, animal hoarding cases are inconsistently persecuted. In some jurisdictions, the hoarder will be arrested on animal cruelty charges. Other jurisdictions, however, are more understanding of the hoarder’s delusions and will not persecute the hoarder. They will, however, ban them from being able to own pets again.

If you suspect someone of being an animal hoarder, the best thing you can do is get them and their animals the help they need by contacting your local chapter of the SPCA.

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