Austin Recycling: How to Save Money By Having a “Green” 4th of July Party

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hosting a 4th of July party this year? Having an environmentally-friendly party can save you money while helping you save the environment.

So how do you have a green 4th of July party? Well you could…

Avoid mailing invitations

Mailing invitations wastes paper and money. Unfortunately, almost all of your invitations will end up in the trash bin when your party is over as opposed to the recycling bin. In fact, paper is one of the most common items found in landfills today. To prevent this from happening, send e-vites.

There are dozens of free online sites that will allow you to create unique email invitations. These sites are incredibly easy to use. They allow you to customize premade templates with your own text, images and more. Easy to make, customized, free, environmentally-friendly invitations? Count us in!

Avoid paper plates and plastic utensils

Like we said above, paper is one of the most wasted resources. To avoid wasting more paper, don’t buy paper plates for your party. Instead, have guests eat off real plates. Yes, you’ll have to run the dishwasher a couple of extra times, but running the dishwasher creates less of an environmental impact than the paper wasting away in landfills.

Also, don’t give guests plastic spoons, knives and forks to eat with. These items also frequently end up in landfills too.

Avoid or recycle paper decorations

A great way to reuse old materials around your house and save money on decoration costs is to create your own decorations.

For example, you could use some old mason jars, a couple of pieces of tissue paper and a few dollar store flags to create the decorations shown above. Or you could spray paint some old vases red, white and blue to create unique centerpieces for your table.

If you decide to use paper decorations to decorate for your party, make sure all of the decorations end up in the recycling bin when you’re done with them.

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