Austin Junk Hauling: The Consequences of Illegal Dumping

Posted: July 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As an Austin junk hauling contractor, we believe in disposing of all the junk we haul in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. We recycle everything that can possibly be recycled and make sure everything that can’t be recycled goes to a landfill.

Unfortunately, there are some junk hauling companies that don’t do this. Some less professional companies actually illegally dump the items they haul and illegal dumping has serious consequences.

In most states, if the illegally dumped junk can be traced back to someone, that person is responsible for the cost of cleaning up the site. So if you hire an unprofessional junk hauling company who illegal dumps your stuff and the junk can be traced back to you, than you’ll be responsible for the cost.

In addition, dumping stuff out in the open, represents a safety hazard. People can be injured by chemicals that aren’t disposed of properly or children could hurt themselves on the sharp edges of the junk.

These illegal dumping grounds also become breeding grounds for rats, snakes, mosquitos and other animals that can spread diseases to humans. In fact, there is evidence that encephalitis has been caused by diseased mosquitos that were breeding in abandoned tires. The runoff water from these sites then contaminates wells and other sources of drinking water.  

In addition to safety hazards, illegal dumping grounds are also fire hazards. Arsonists pick a disproportionate number of illegal dumping grounds to set on fire compared to other sites and once a fire starts in an illegal dumping ground, it’ll spread quickly.

And lastly, in case you need one more reason to demand your junk hauling company dispose of your junk properly, illegal dumping grounds are eyesores that decrease property values.

If you’re looking for an Austin junk hauling company that will dispose of your junk in the proper manner, find Dirty Work on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn

  1. My husband and I have a small junk removal business in Portland, Or. Thank you for this article. It is so important that people understand when they pay 50.00 for a truck load of garbage to be removed, more then likely some illegal dumping is going on.

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