Austin Junk Hauling: Married to a Hoarder? How You Can Help

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We’ve noticed that a lot of people have been stumbling upon our blog while searching for Imageadvice on how they can help their hoarding spouse. While being married to a hoarder is frustrating at best and a hazard to your physical and mental health at worst, it is a situation that can be remedied with a lot of patience and a little professional help.

Notice that we didn’t say you could handle it yourself? That’s because hoarding is a serious mental illness – one that can’t be cured by simply getting rid of the hoarder’s junk. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association now officially recognizes hoarding as its own mental disorder, one separate from obsessive-compulsive disorder or depression.

Because of this, curing a hoarder often requires years of extensive therapy. For the best results, this therapy should be started before you even begin removing junk from the home. If you simply begin hauling away a hoarder’s stuff before they have come to terms with their hoarding disorder, you’ll cause them to become defensive and regenerate in their healing process. Think of therapy as step one and junk removal as step 2.

So what’s your role as a spouse in all of this?

First and foremost, hoarders often live in denial about their condition. You’ll have to encourage them to seek help.

Secondly, hoarders are usually deeply ashamed of their condition. Seeking professional help can exuberate their embarrassment. Because of this, it’s important that you provide emotional support. One of the most emotionally supportive things you can do is be patience. Curing hoarding disorder is often a two step forward, one step back type of process and your spouse will need you by their side.

Thirdly, when the therapist has determined it is time to begin cleaning out your home, you’ll probably have to be the one to call the junk removal company. If possible, try to be around to supervise the junk removal process. This time can be emotionally devastating to hoarders and they’ll need all the support they can get.

Lastly, make sure you take care of yourself. Being married to a hoarder can be emotionally and physically draining. Consider visiting a therapist yourself or join a hoarding support group.

As we mentioned above, being married to a hoarder can be frustrating, but with patience, love and professional support, your spouse can overcome their hoarding disorder, allowing you to live the life you’ve always wanted.

If you need an Austin junk hauling company to clean up your spouse’s hoard, contact Dirty Work. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn


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