Austin Environmental: How Bad Has Junk Mail Gotten?

Posted: July 17, 2013 in junk removal
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How many pieces of junk mail did you receive today? Probably way more than you would have liked and what did you do with it? If you’re like most people, you threw it away.

In fact, 5.6 million tons of junk mail ends up in landfills each year.  44% of this junk mail isn’t even opened.

Think that’s scary? Check out these other facts from NYU Law:

  • Only 22% of junk mail is recycled.
  • The average house receives 1.5 trees worth of junk mail each year.
  • 100 million trees are used per year for junk mail. This is the equivalent of deforesting all of Rocky Mountain National Park every four months!
  • Junk mail manufacturing creates as much greenhouse gases as 3.7 million cars.
  • We pay $370 million dollars a year to throw away junk mail.

How can you help put a stop to this needless slaughter of trees? First, opt out of receiving junk mail. You can do this by registering with the Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service online at This service will delete you from the lists of many national companies for five years.

However, the service can’t remove you from everybody’s list, so you’ll still receive some junk mail.

Which brings us to our second point: recycle all that junk mail! Is it really that much harder to throw the paper into a recycling bin instead of the trash can?

Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

For more information on Austin recycling, find Dirty Work on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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