Austin Junk Removal: What is Squalor Syndrome & How is it Different Than Hoarding Disorder?

Posted: July 20, 2013 in junk removal
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Austin Junk Removal

Thanks to A&E everyone’s heard of hoarding syndrome, but few people have heard of its counterpart squalor syndrome.

So what is squalor syndrome and how it is different than hoarding?

Squalor syndrome occurs in individuals who choose to live a life of squalor even though they have the money and resources to live a more traditional lifestyle. People who suffer from squalor syndrome live in unsanitary conditions often surrounded by trash, rodents, bugs, dust and dirt. They may actually have quite a bit of money, but they will not use it to improve their living standards. They will also neglect personal hygiene and may refuse to accept basic health care.However, they have no compulsive need to hoard items.

It’s this motivation that makes squalor syndrome different from hoarders.

People with squalor syndrome are motivated by living a life of deprivation. But people with hoarding disorder are motivated by living a life of acquisition – they have a constant need to acquire more junk.

Hoarders actually often start out with a clean, organized hoard. It’s only after their hoard becomes overwhelmingly large that their home falls into squalor.

Another one of the trademark signs of both hoarding disorder and squalor syndrome is a lack of social contact. Both hoarders and people with squalor syndrome will be isolated from their family and have little to no friends. Most are single.

Someone with squalor syndrome, however, will be fine with this lack of social contact and won’t report feeling lonely while someone with hoarding disorder will only be socially isolated as a result of being embarrassed of their living conditions. Hoarders will often socialize outside of their homes.

Lastly, hoarders usually don’t neglect their personal hygiene to the point that those with squalor syndrome do. A person with squalor syndrome will neglect even basic components of hygiene. Their clothes are often dirty, their hair is unwashed and often they even emit a foul body odor.

Fortunately, if you know someone with squalor syndrome, there is help available. We’ll be posting tomorrow about the different treatment options available to someone with squalor syndrome.

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