Austin Junk Removal: Signs of a Hoarder

Posted: July 31, 2013 in junk removal
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Austin junk removal

Do you know a hoarder? You may be surprised. There’s an estimated 1.4 million hoarders in the United States.

However, one of the most common symptoms of hoarding disorder is extreme secrecy, making it likely that you’ve known a hoarder, but not realized it.

So how can you identify hoarders? Here are 10 signs of a hoarder:

A Bizarre Attachment to Items

Hoarders are so attached to their items that they may become upset when others even touch their stuff.

Lack of Friends

Hoarders are often embarrassed by their hoard and will reduce their social contact to avoid having others find out about their disorder.

A Messy Appearance

When you’re living in a filthy home, your personal hygiene will suffer.

Other Mental Illnesses

30% of hoarders have OCD and 50% have episodes of severe depression.

Anxiety Regarding Throwing Items Away

Hoarders will have anxiety regarding throwing any items away, regardless of whether it’s trash or not.


Hoarders are often in denial. They realize that others don’t live like they do, but often don’t see their lifestyle as a problem.

Obsessive Amounts of Pets

People who hoard junk are also likely to hoard pets. If someone has an unreasonable number of pets, they could be a hoarder.

Being Defensive

Hoarders will be defensive of their “lifestyle,” and will become hostile when confronted about it.

Living in Unsanitary Conditions

One of the things that distinguish hoarders from pack rats is their lack of concern for sanitary conditions. As anyone who has watched the show Hoarders can confirm, hoarders often live in dirt, dust and vermin.

Not Caring About Safety Hazards

Hoarders’ homes are dangerous, but most hoarders simply don’t recognize this. They don’t see the fire hazards or the infestations of rodents and bugs.

If you know a hoarder and want help cleaning out their home, call Austin junk removal provider Dirty Work or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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