Austin Junk Removal: Why the 6,000 Illegal Dumps Found in Pennsylvania Matter to You

Posted: August 7, 2013 in junk removal
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Austin junk removal

This week the results of a study commissioned by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful brought back some shocking results. The study found 6,487 illegal dumping sites in the state that contain over 63.5 tons of trash! Some of these sites had as much as 50 tons or 100,000 pounds of trash!

In total, the sites contain 18,516.83 tons of trash!

While no similar studies have been done in the other states, it’s highly unlikely that illegal dumping is a Pennsylvania-specific problem.

So where is all this trash coming from and how does it affect you?

Both residents and unethical companies illegally dump. In the Pennsylvania study, companies that illegally dump construction waste were singled out as one of the greatest offenders as well as residents in urban and isolated rural areas.

And all this illegally dumped waste has some serious consequences for you.

Illegal dumping grounds are the perfect breeding grounds for disease-carrying rats and mosquitos as well as poisonous spiders. In fact, there is evidence that a recent outbreak of encephalitis was spread by diseased mosquitos that were breeding in illegally dumped tires.

Secondly, illegal dumping grounds are safety hazards. They frequently contain glass, sharp pieces of metal, toxic chemicals and other nasty stuff. They’re also more likely than other spots to be targeted by arsonists.

Lastly, illegal dumping grounds poison the environment. All that trash decomposing in the ground will affect the growth of plants in the area and litter frequently kills wildlife.

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