Austin Waste Management: Inside a Hoarder’s Brain

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Austin trash removal
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If we asked you why people hoard, what would you say?

Would you say people hoard because they have an extreme attachment to their stuff? Because they’re lazy? Because they’re mentally unwell?

What about because the brains of hoarders actually function differently than the brains of everyone else?

According to research released from the University of California at San Francisco that is exactly what it is. Researcher Carol Matthews has conducted several studies that mimic the brain activity associated with sorting, categorizing and simply thinking about throwing away your stuff. People who suffer from hoarding disorder showed increased brain activity in the region of the brain associated with decision making during this study. In layman’s terms, the hoarder is actually having a more difficult time making decisions regarding sorting, categorizing and throwing away junk.

According to the study, the most likely reason hoarders show more brain activity is because of their greater emotional attachment to their stuff. All of this combines to make making a simple organizational decision exceptionally hard for hoarders.

Another study found that hoarders experience more activity in their brain while dealing with their own stuff and less when dealing with someone else’s stuff. Add this to the previous research that suggests that hoarding is genetic and it’s easy to see why hoarding disorder can overwhelm a hoarder’s life: they’re brains are literally working against them.

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