Austin Trash Removal: Children of Hoarders – A Guide to Online Resources

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Children of Hoarders

Can you imagine growing up surrounded by trash that you weren’t allowed to throw away? What about being too ashamed by the way your home looks to have friends over? Or growing up in the 90’s without working indoor plumbing?

Unfortunately, for children of hoarders, this is the reality of their childhood.

Homes of hoarders contain tons of safety hazards and are unsafe for anyone, let alone children, to live in, but people who grew up with hoarder parents often say the emotional scars are worse.

Fortunately, children of hoarders are now able to find support from each other online. Here are some online resources where children of hoarders can meet, share stories and support each other.

Children of Hoarders

Children of Hoarders is the most well-known resource for adults struggling to cope with their parent’s hoarding behavior. The site contains dozens of excellent articles over how hoarding affects family members, tips on how to cope, resources for seeking help and areas where members can connect with each other.

Tetanus Burger

Tetanus Burger shows the struggle two sisters are going through to clean up the hoard their father left behind. It’s a blunt, honest look at how hoarders affect the lives of those around them and the mess they can leave behind.

Daughter of a Hoarder Tumblr

Daughter of a Hoarder is a sort of online diary for a woman whose mother and grandmother are hoarders. She documents the daily struggles of dealing with their hoarding tendencies.

Hoarder’s Daughter Tumblr

Hoarder’s Daughter shares stories and quotes from children of hoarders as well as information on living with a hoarder. It’s a great community of people working to overcome a stressful situation together.

The Hoarder’s Daughter

The Hoarder’s Daughter includes great personal, first-hand accounts from children who grew up with hoarders. The blog follows the author’s progress in coming to terms with her mother’s mental health issues and hoarding disorder. 

To keep up to date on all the latest hoarding information, find Austin trash removal contractor Dirty Work on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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