Austin Demolition: Household Demolition Jobs

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Austin demolition When you think of demolition, you probably think of explosive demolition where huge skyscrapers are brought crumbling down with dynamite. While spectacular, these jobs represent a small proportion of demolition jobs. Most demolition jobs are actually small jobs done in residential houses.

So when would a homeowner need demolition?

As an Austin demolition company, the most common places we do demolition in homes are the kitchen and bathrooms. If you choose to extensively remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll likely need some demolition services.

For example, if you wanted to redo your kitchen cabinets, you would need someone to tear down and recycle the old cabinets. And yes, you can recycle materials like old cabinets.

A demolition company can also knock down walls in your house if you want to expand a room or knock down sheds in your backyard. Really, if you need something torn down, we can do it!

If you’ve decided you need the services of a demolition company, make sure to….

  1. Find a company that specializes in selective demolition.
  2. Hire an insured company.
  3. Check Angie’s List ratings for any company you plan to hire.
  4. Ask if they’ll recycle the materials from your house.

And if you need more information on Austin demolition, you can find Dirty Work on Facebook or Twitter. 


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