Austin Junk Removal: Hoarding – Genetics, Evolution?

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Did you know there are an estimated 1.3 million hoarders in the United States alone?

Psychologists believe there are several different reasons why these people hoard.

One is genetics. Up to 30% of hoarders have a close family member who also hoards. A 2007 study from John Hopkins University School of Medicine studied the DNA of 219 families who suffered from OCD. The findings suggested that a region on chromosome 14 in the OCD families were connected with having hoarding tendencies. If the family suffered from OCD, but not hoarding tendencies, their chromosome 14 was fine, but their chromosome 3 was affected.

This leads credence to the idea that hoarding is genetic.

But some psychologists believe that hoarding is less genetic and more a left over evolutionary practice. From an evolutionary practice, hoarding makes perfect sense. If you never knew when you would catch another meal, wouldn’t you hoard all the food you had?

So which is it? Is hoarding a left over evolutionary trait or a genetic illness?

Probably a combination of both. It seems likely that hoarding is probably a combination of genetic, evolutionary and environmental factors, but more research will be needed to determine a clear cut reason for the disorder.

We’ll keep you posted on any break-through research in hoarding disorder here or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+


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