If you’ve ever watched Hoarders, you may have been surprised at how many of the hoarders don’t realize they have a problem. Many think they’re “packrats” or “eccentrics.” So where’s the line? When does your love of junk become a problem?

If you’re concerned you may be a hoarder, answer these questions:

1. Does thinking about throwing away items cause you anxiety?

2. Do you keep items that you know others wouldn’t see the value in?

3. Do you keep items that should have been placed in the trash?

4. Do you avoid having friends and family over because you don’t want them to see the condition of your home?

5. Are you ashamed of your living conditions?

6. Do you feel a sense of loss when your items are thrown away?

7. Do you feel angry that your friends and family can’t see how valuable your possessions are?

8. Has your love of items caused stress in your interpersonal relationships?

9. Do you fear throwing items away because you may need them some day?

10. Do you frequently acquire new items that you don’t need?

11. Has the mess made your home unlivable?

12. Are your bed, kitchen counters, dining room table and other commonly used areas so full of junk, you can’t use them?

13. Do you have to clear a path through the junk to walk through your house?

14. Are your children embarrassed to have friends see their home?

15. Has the mess gotten so bad that you wouldn’t be able to clean it up on your own now even if you wanted to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have hoarding tendencies. Contact a local mental health professional who specializes in hoarding disorder.

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