Austin Dirty Work: The Top 3 Ways You Waste Money at Home

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Home tips
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Ever wonder where all your money goes? Turns out, a lot of it gets wasted before you even leave your house.

So where is all this money getting wasted and more importantly, how do you stop it?

Throwing away food

According to Reuters, the average American throws away half of their food. For a family of four, this adds up to $1,365 to $2,275 wasted each year! To avoid this, plan your meals for the week. Only buy the items you’ll need for that week and what you can reasonably eat. Yes, yogurt may be on sale 10/$10, but if you can’t eat 10 yogurts before they go bad, you’re still wasting money. Wasting less food isn’t a hard thing to do, but it does require some pre-planning.

Forgetting to unplug

How many items in your home stay continuously plugged in? The lamps? The phone charger? The computer? All of these items are sapping energy out of the plug in even when they’re off. It’s a small amount, but when you think of how many items you keep plugged in all the time, it really adds up!

Not reusing things

There are hundreds of ways you can reuse items around your house to save money. Use grocery store bags as trash bags. Reuse plastic baggies. Reuse jars and containers. Every little bit help saves you money!

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