fire at illegal dump

It’s a sad fact of the industry – there are unethical junk removal companies out there that will promise to haul your junk to the dump for cheap, but will actually illegally dump  it on the side of the road or in a field instead. But if you simply don’t hire these companies, this isn’t your problem, right?


Illegal dumping hurts everyone in the community.

We’ll start with the obvious. It’s incredibly expensive to clean up illegal dumping sites and cities are going to pass this expense on to you in the form of higher taxes.

But believe it or not, this is the least of all the problems associated with illegal dumping.

 Illegal dumping grounds serve as the perfect breeding grounds for rats, mosquitos and other animals that carry diseases. In fact, recently an outbreak of encephalitis, which causes inflammation of the brain that results in headaches, fever, confusion or fatigue, was spread by mosquitos that were breeding in the stagnant rain water that had collected in tires at an illegal dump.

Sounds scary, right? But there’s more!

Illegal dumping grounds are set on fire by arsonists at a much higher rate than other areas. All the junk, especially the illegally dumped chemicals and toxic waste, adds fuel to the fire, leading to fires that can become unmanageable quite easily.

So it raises your taxes, risks your health and causes fire hazards? Illegal dumping must be stopped! But what can we do?

If you want to help stop illegal dumping, here’s what you can do:

  1. Only hire professional and ethical junk hauling companies. For more tips on how to evaluate a company, read “How to Find a Junk Hauling Company That Fits Your Needs.”
  2. Report any illegal dumps you see.
  3. Call the cops when you see someone illegally dumping.
  4. Spread the word among your family and friends about the consequences of illegal dumping.

If you need a professional, ethical Austin trash hauling company, call Dirty Work at 512-328-3698 or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+


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