Austin Junk Removal: To Catch a Contractor?

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We’ve written about shady junk removal contractors before and the problems they can cause, but now Spike TV is taking it one step further – To Catch a Contractor will begin airing in spring of 2014.

The show’s basic premise is to catch bad contractors and force them to fix the jobs they botched.

Or as Spike TV describes it, “Each episode will follow (Adam) Carolla, along with no-nonsense contractor Skip Bedell and his wife, investigator Alison Bedell, as they seek retribution for wronged homeowners, whose construction nightmares range from the laughably incompetent to frighteningly hazardous homes that have been left completely torn apart.  Carolla and the Bedells hunt down and confront unscrupulous builders, drag them back to their construction disasters, and make them finish the job right.  Carolla and his expert team share their knowledge and ingenuity with the builders – not only in an effort to deliver homeowners the job they paid for, but also to give these suspect contractors the opportunity to redeem themselves.”

The show has already been green lighted for 10 episodes and they’re casting right now! So if you’ve been left high and dry by a bad contractor, here’s your chance!

We’ll try to tune into the first episode and write a review here, but until then, tell us what you think? Would you watch it?

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