Austin Trash Removal: Facts about Trash

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Austin trash removal
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Think trash is boring? Think again!

Check out these interesting facts about trash….

  1. The average person creates 4.3 pounds of trash per day.
  2. The U.S. has 3,500 landfills.
  3. 55% of the U.S. trash ends up in landfills.
  4. 2/3s of household waste can be composted.
  5. If we put all of the trash collected in the U.S. in garbage trucks, the line of trucks would extend from NYC to LA more than 100 times!
  6. Construction, demolition and non-hazardous industrial waste create nearly 545 million tons of trash each year!
  7. One bag of trash contains enough energy to light a light bulb for an entire day!
  8. 85% of used electronics end up in landfills.
  9. E-waste makes up 2% of the trash in U.S. landfills.
  10. The amount of trash buried in landfills have doubled since 1960.

For more information about Austin trash removal, find Dirty Work on Facebook or Twitter.


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