Austin Recycling: Fun Facts about Recycling

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Last week, we shared 10 fun facts about trash with you. This week we have 10 fun facts about recycling!

  1. Only 38% of paper gets recycled.
  2. Only 5% of plastic is recycled.
  3. Germany has the highest recycling rates in the world.
  4. If we stacked all the aluminum cans we recycled on top of each other, the stack would be 1,454 times taller than the Empire State Building!
  5. 25% of electronics are recycled.
  6. 87% of Americans have access to curbside recycling.
  7. In one year, the U.S. wastes $485 million worth of plastic!
  8. U.S. steel produces use 70% recycled steel.
  9. Vermont is the greenest state in America.
  10. The recycling industry in Texas employs 20,000 workers and adds $2.9 billion to the Texas economy.

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