Austin Trash Removal: The One Book You Should Read About Hoarding

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As an Austin trash removal company, we don’t find many books out there that are relevant to our industry, informative and interesting. Dirty Secret In fact, Dirty Secret: A Daughter Comes Clean About Her Mother’s Compulsive Hoarding may actually be the only one.

Ever since the show Hoarders began airing in 2009, America has become fascinated with hoarders. The show was so successful it even inspired a couple of spin offs.

But as we all know “realty” TV frequently doesn’t reflect realty at all and that’s where, Dirty Secret comes in. Written by Jessie Sholl, Dirty Secret tells the story of Jessie’s complicated relationship with her hoarder mother. The book follows the relationship between Jessie and her mother from her childhood to almost present day, carefully examining the way Jessie’s mother’s mental illness affects both of them.

The book focuses heavily on the emotional turmoil children of hoarders experience. The feelings of isolation, the embarrassment and shame, the reversal of the child/parent roles, the mixture of pity and anger towards the parent are all discussed in the book with a refreshing breath of honesty.

Jessie’s mother is a complex character. Her behavior is frustrating and sometimes, downright cruel, but as Jessie shares more and more of her mother’s upbringing, it’s hard not to feel sympathetic for the mother as well. She, too, is a victim of her hoarding.

As Jessie struggles with her feelings towards her mother, she also struggles to clean up the hoard. We don’t want to spoil the book, so we’ll just say that the book does an excellent job of showing the safety hazardous associated with hoarding.

Through the book, there is tons of facts and research regarding hoarders in general. Overall, the book is very informative about hoarders, but it’s never dull. In fact, a few parts are quite humorous.

So if you’re the loved one of a hoarder struggling to understand them or simply a book lover looking for a great read, we highly recommend you check out Dirty Secrets.

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