Austin Waste Removal: The Growth of E-Waste

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Austin Waste Removal: The Growth of E-Waste

Globally, we produce an incredible amount of e-waste per year. Last year, we produced nearly 54 million tons of e-waste, which is the equivalent of 43 lbs for every person on Earth! And the StEP Initiative forecasts that by 2017, we’ll produce about 33% more e-waste each year!

Most of the increase in e-waste is predicted to be from the United States and China, who already produce a disproportionally high amount of e-waste.

How high? Well the U.S. generated over 258 million units of e-waste in 2010. E-waste is a catch all term for most electronic waste including used computers, TVs and cell phones. According to the EPA, only 25% of TVs and computers were recycled. That number falls to 8% for cell phones.

In addition, the United States exported over 14 million tons of e-waste to other countries. Check out the infograph above to see where it all went.

Why are the United States’ recycling rates so low? For the most part, many Americans, especially those who don’t live by a major city, don’t have access to electronic recycling centers. According to Live Science, only 25 states have e-waste recycling programs.

Fortunately, there are several places in Austin to recycle e-waste including Computer Works: Austin Goodwill, located at 8701-A Research Blvd.

And for all your other junk, don’t forget Dirty Work! You can find us on Facebook or Twitter!


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