Austin Junk Removal: What to Do With Unwanted Gifts

Posted: December 26, 2013 in junk removal
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Every Christmas, most people end up with a gift or two that they have no use for. Most people stick these gifts in a closet or under the bed where they remain, unused and taking up space, until next year or the year after that or whenever the recipient finally decides to clean out the closet or under the bed.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do with your unwanted presents to keep them from going to waste.

Return it!

Of course, the most obvious thing to do with an unwanted present is to return it. However, if you don’t know where the gift came from you can do the following…

Re-gift it!

That sweater that wasn’t your color may be perfect for your friend. That movie you already have may be perfect for your sister. If you can’t use a gift and think someone you know would enjoy it, pass it along. Simply be honest and tell them that you received the gift and didn’t need it, but thought they would enjoy it.

Or if you’re really picky with presents and have a ton of gifts you would like to get rid of, consider creating a gift closet or shelf. Store all your unwanted gifts there and run to it first when there’s a gift giving occasion.

Donate it!

If you want the item out of your home, you can always donate it to a charity. Lots of Austin area churches have donation boxes outside for shoes and clothes that they donate to either needy Austin families or homeless shelters. Goodwill and Salvation Army both accept electronics, household goods, children toys and many other things.

Sell it!

There are dozens of easy ways to sell your unwanted gifts. You could go the traditional route and have a garage sale or use a consignment shop or you could go the more modern way and sell the items online. Ebay or Craigslist is the obvious choice for online selling, but recently Facebook consignment groups have also taken off.

Upcycle it!

As our loyal blog readers know, we love upcycling here and there are tons of old gifts that can be turned into upcycled crafts. Check out our Pinterest boards for some ideas!

And for more information on Austin junk removal, find Dirty Work on Facebook or Twitter!


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