Austin Junk Hauling: 3 New Year’s Resolutions to Make This Year

Posted: January 1, 2014 in junk removal
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Austin junk hauling

Did you know that the average American family doesn’t even use their garage to park their car? They use it to store their junk!

When the average family has so much junk, they can’t even use their garage, we have a problem. Fortunately, there are several simple New Year’s resolutions you can make this year to take back your home and get the clutter under control!

#1 – One Item In, One Item Out

The easiest way to prevent your house from becoming more cluttered this year is to follow the one item in, one item out rule. Every time you bring home a new item, another item must go. Bought a new pair of shoes? Donate one pair to the Goodwill.

#2 – Donate One Bag to Charity Each Month

If you have a bunch of stuff lying around that you don’t need anymore, but the idea of cleaning out your entire house overwhelms you, consider donating one trash bag full of stuff each month. On the first day of the month, place a new trash bag in the kitchen where you’ll constantly see it. Every day, try to find one item you no longer need and place it in the bag. At the end of the month, donate the bag to a local charity.

#3 – Declutter Monthly

If you’d rather do all your decluttering at once, spend a day this January getting rid of all your old junk. Then throughout the rest of the year, spend a couple of hours during the last weekend of each month, running through the house and getting rid of any unneeded junk that has accumulated.

By following one of these three resolutions, you can easily keep your entire home decluttered this year. And if you need the services of an Austin junk hauling company to assist you with your decluttering, you can find Dirty Work on Facebook or Twitter!


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