Austin demolition

An estimated 44,000 buildings and 270,000 homes get demolished every single year. Unsurprisingly, this produces a lot of waste – about 80 million tons of waste annually.

It’s hard not to look at just these numbers and wonder if we should have a problem with demolition. Does demolition harm the environment? Is it putting too much garbage into the landfills? Is it simply a necessary evil?

As an Austin demolition company, we have strong feelings about these questions. We believe demolition is a very necessary service, but it’s completely unnecessary for it to produce the amount of waste it does!

The majority of waste from demolition jobs is wood, metal, cardboard, paper, plastic, concrete, gravel, drywall, roofing, glass and carpeting – all of which can be recycled!

But unfortunately, only 30% of demolition waste actually gets recycled. What gives?

The simple fact is that many demolition companies don’t want to pay the increased cost associated with recycling demolition waste. It’s way cheaper to simply dump your waste at the landfill than recycle it. Basically, these companies feel that until more homeowners begin demanding green demolition, it’s not worth the added costs.

But many homeowners, who hire demolition companies for their residential remodeling jobs, simply don’t know that they need to ask if a demolition contractor is green. Many just assume that the company will recycle responsibly or they may not even know that most demolition material can be recycled or reused.

So what can you do?

When it’s time for you to hire a demolition company, make sure to hire one that’s green – even if it is slightly more expensive. Never just assume that the waste will be recycled unless you specifically ask.

You may also want to ask if any of your materials can be donated. In Austin, there’s a Habitat for Humanity Restore that takes some construction waste items such as old doors, windows, toilets, etc. If your contractor agrees to donate the stuff, make sure to ask them for a receipt so you can claim the donations on your taxes!

By ensuring you only hire green demolition contractors, you’re putting the pressure on other contractors to become more environmentally-friendly and we think that pressure is a beautiful thing!

And if you need Austin demolition services or have a question, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We’re always happy to answer questions.


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