25 Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Home tips
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Looking to spice up your curb appeal? Try any of these 25 ideas…

  1. Mow the lawn.
  2. Plant seasonal flowers.
  3. Trim your bushes and trees.
  4. Put down a stone walkway.
  5. Put up a white fence.
  6. Plant flowers along the sign of your house.
  7. Paint your home.
  8. Paint the front door a funky color.
  9. Plant flowers around your mailbox.
  10. Put out a wreath.
  11. Put out a welcome mat.
  12. Clean up your kid’s toys.
  13. Scoop up any pet waste.
  14. Power wash your house.
  15. Fix the cracks in your driveway.
  16. Paint your garage door.
  17. Line your walkway with lights.
  18. Don’t leave any junk lying around.
  19. Put potted plants out on the porch.
  20. Clean your gutters.
  21. Paint your shutters a different color.
  22. Use decorative numbers for your address.
  23. Add a bird bath or other focal point to your garden.
  24. Put some lawn furniture out on your porch.
  25. Repaint your siding.

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