Using Online Reviews to Pick an Austin Demolition Company

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Austin Demolition Services
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In an area the size of Austin, unfortunately, there will always be a few bad demolition contractors. Fortunately, you can avoid them by doing just a few minutes of research before hiring anyone.

First, you should check out their online reviews. While almost every contractor will have one or two bad reviews, the majority should be positive. Angie’s List is a great resource and if you’re going to be doing extensive remodeling on your home, you may want to purchase a membership. Because Angie’s List representatives contact Angie’s List members for reviews, Angie’s List usually contains way more reviews on contractors than other sources. In addition, if anything does go wrong during your job, Angie’s List can serve as a buffer between you and the contractor – increasing the chances that the situation will be resolved to your liking.

If you aren’t going to be hiring enough contractors to justify paying for an Angie’s List membership, you still have access to several great online review sites. The most popular two are, of course, Yelp and Google reviews. Both are pretty solid. Yelp, however, has a pretty strenuous filtering system. A lot of time good reviews get lost in the filter, but you can also look at filtered reviews by clicking on the grey “X number of reviews that are not recommended” link located under the featured reviews. It’s worth checking them out. I’ve seen businesses with a five star rating that have dozens of one star filtered reviews and vice versa.

Facebook has recently put in a star rating system on all of their business pages. I wouldn’t recommend relying on these, however. It’s very easy for anyone to simply click on a rating and there’s no way to determine whether the reviews are legit. Unfortunately, since there’s no way to verify whether the person rating the business even used the business, the system is fraught with abuse, making Google Reviews and Yelp a more reliable resource.

So while there may be some bad demolition contractors out there, you can easily avoid them by doing a few minutes of research on a valid review site.

And as always, if you need an Austin demolition company, you can find Dirty Work on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!


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