Austin Trash Removal: The Results of Our Day Without Trash

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Austin trash removal
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Austin trash removal

Today, Global Waste challenged everyone to go a day without waste. We decided to take them up on that challenge. So how did we do?

Well the first thing we noticed is how much trash just eating produces! From fast food bags to wrapped food to the plastic boxes that fruit comes in, we couldn’t believe how much trash just feeding ourselves for a day produced.

Second, we noticed just how many receipts we got! Is it really necessary to get two or three for each purchase?

So how’d we do?

We managed to produce just the following trash today:

  • A plastic bag (that was used to hold our food)
  • One of those water flavor add-in packets
  • Three receipts
  • One straw wrapper
  • Two butter cups (the disposable ones they give you at restaurants)

Seems pretty good, right?

Let us know how you did by finding us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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