Austin Dirty Work

At Dirty Work, we have a simple mission – to get all your dirty work done! Basically, if it’s dirty and it’s work, we’ll do it, but the most common services our clients ask for are…


Dirty Work is known for its wide variety of demolition services and capabilities. We have experience tearing it down, and we have experience cleaning it up!

We specialize in “selective” demolition projects that require increased construction knowledge, organization and detail. These include whole structure demolitions, slab demolition, driveway demolition and more.

Our demolition projects are supervised by our principals who possess decades of construction experience. One is even a licensed structural engineer. This experience enables us to anticipate the challenges of demolition and provide safe, on time and on budget project completion.

In addition, our teams have worked in a number of historic properties and are certified in lead-based paint removal.

Waste Removal

Dirty Work’s reputation was built on our ability to quickly, efficiently, and effectively haul debris. We approach waste removal in different ways depending on our clients’ unique situations. Each plan is custom tailored to accommodate the cost, appearance, and accessibility for each of their job sites.

We know that no two jobs are the same and one trash solution does not work for all builders. Because of this, our fleet has continued to grow to accommodate the needs and requests of our clients. We now have knuckle boom dump trucks, conventional dump trucks, bobcats and trailers that we can use to quickly and efficiently remove construction debris from your job site.  We excel by creating simple and logical solutions for your situation.

In addition, we recycle all the waste we pick up!

Job Site Controls

Job site controls are a small but important part of any job site, and when not properly maintained or installed, can lead to problems with inspectors, security and cleanliness. We can handle all of your needs including: silt fencing, inlet protection, orange fencing, chain link fencing, individual tree protection, tree grouping fencing, stabilized construction entrances and mulching.

Since our crews are cross trained in trash and job site controls, they frequently stay on site, so they are available and equipped to touch up any items that have been damaged.


Dirty Work recycles all the debris from our waste management and demolition jobs. We feel it’s our responsibility as a trash removal company to keep as much waste as possible out of the landfill and we take that responsibility seriously.

As mentioned above, these are the most common services we provide to our clients, but they’re by no means an exclusive list. You can check out our brochure above to see what else we can do or if you ever have any questions about whether we can handle your job, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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