The Most Common Types of Residential Demolition

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Austin Demolition Services
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Austin demolition

When it comes time to remodel, many homeowners will need the services of a residential demolition contractor. From bathroom demolition to wall removal, here are some of the most common residential demolition jobs that we help our clients with…

Bathroom demolition

If you’re going to extensively remodel your bathroom, you’ll need the services of a demolition contractor. Demolition contractors can remove bathtubs, toilets, sinks and other fixtures, tear down cabinets, pull up tile and more. Many demolition contractors can even make sure that your fixtures, cabinets, and other waste gets donated or recycled!

Kitchen demolition

For kitchen demolition jobs, demolition contractors are frequently asked to remove cabinets or pull up tile, but they can also help you remove your large appliances. Again, many of these items can be recycled or donated!

Wall removal

By far the most common residential demolition job is wall removal. Whether you’ve planning on expanding a room, opening up your living room or simply changing up the layout of your home, wall removal is a common part of remodeling and while it may seem like knocking a wall down would be simple, it actually requires quite a bit of expertise because knocking down a wall produces tons of dust, which can be dangerous it not properly contained.

Pool demolition

Pools are expensive to maintain and expensive to remove, but many homeowners decide the one-time cost of pool demolition is preferable to the cost of maintaining a pool. Most demolition contractors will be able to remove your pool and fill the hole in with dirt.

Cabana/shed demolition

If you’re getting rid of your pool, you certainly won’t need your cabana! In addition to cabanas, we’re frequently asked to remove sheds. Depending on what the shed or cabana is made of, some of the material can be recycled.

These are just some of the most common Austin demolition jobs we handle for our residential clients, but they’re by no means all we can do. If you ever have a question about our services, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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