Waste Aid: Helping the World One Community at a Time

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Uncategorized
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When you throw something “away”, where does it go?

Here in America, about 45% of our trash goes into landfills, about 13% is incinerated and the rest is recycled.

However, hundreds of communities across the globe lack access to proper waste management services. In fact, many of them don’t have access to any waste management services at all.

And without waste management services, the trash literally stays where residents throw it.

That’s right…thousands of people around the globe live in homes surrounded by trash. Trash that attracts rodents and other animals that carry diseases. Trash that pollutes water sources. Trash that can lead to fires that can wipe out homes and other precious resources.

And these communities that lack proper waste management services are the same ones in which people often lack access to appropriate health care and fire services. Without proper health care, getting ill from drinking contaminated water or coming into contact with a diseased animal is often akin to a death sentence. Thousands of people, many of them children, die as a direct result of living in these conditions each year.

But Waste Aid is hoping to change that.

Waste Aid has a simple mission – to connect vulnerable communities to waste management resources and expertise.

The organization consist of an always increasing number of waste, environmental, aid and development professionals as well as concerned individuals, organizations and business that want to help bring reliable waste management services to communities across the globe. Waste Aid helps communities from the artic north of Canada to Africa to the impoverished parts of the world’s largest cities. If it’s a vulnerable community that lacks proper waste management, Waste Aid is working on providing help!

But to do all of this, Waste Aid needs help! If you’re interested in helping Waste Aid, you can find more information on ways to help on their website: wasteaid.ca

  1. wasteaid says:

    thank you so much for profiling our work!

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