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Spring break is next week and since the kids are out of school, it’s the perfect time to get them to help you clean! Here’s a few ideas for turning spring cleaning into a productive and fun family activity…

Make it pay.

Of course the simplest way to get your kids to help you clean is to make it pay financially. Create a list of everything that needs to be done and put a price tag next to each item. Allow the children to take turns deciding which chores they would like to do and for which prices. This way they can balance the chores they like with their desire to earn money.

Help them do good.

Doing good makes you feel good. Explain to your kids that you need them to help you clean out their closet/toy chest/room/etc., so you can donate the items to a family in need. Then, allow them to go with you to donate the items. They’ll feel good, but more importantly, if you get your kids in the habit of donating now, they’re more likely to do it as adults.

Let them make decisions.

Decluttering can be stressful for kids. To circumnavigate the stress, allow your kids to help you decide what goes and what stays. For example, if they have seven trucks and you want them to get down to only four, allow them to decide which three go. Don’t simply go pick three trucks to throw away.

Make it a game.

If you have multiple kids, you can make spring cleaning into a game. For example, see which kid can clean up under their bed the quickest or who can declutter their closet the best. Have small prizes ready for the winner!

And as always, if you need help hauling away all the junk you’re ready to get rid of, call Dirty Work at 512-328-3698 or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Austin Junk HaulingIt’s that time of the year again – time for spring cleaning! Are you going to handle it yourself or are you going to hire a professional junk hauling contractor?

If you’re unsure of whether you need a professional junk hauling contractor to assist you with your spring cleaning, first consider how much junk you’ll be getting rid of. If you’re getting rid of more than a car-load, it’ll be easier to hire a contractor than to make multiple trips to the dump.

Next, consider the kind of junk you’re getting rid of. If you’re getting rid of some trash (stained clothes, ruined furniture, etc.), some recyclables (anything glass, paper, etc.) and some items that can be donated (good furniture, home décor, clothes and shoes), it’ll save you quite a bit of time to let a professional figure out what to do with all the stuff. Just make sure to specify that you want all the recyclable items recycled and the donate-able items donated.

Third, consider the cost of your time. While hauling your junk away yourself will be cheaper than hiring a professional, it’ll take way more time. By the time you factor in your time costs and the financial cost of dumping fees, it might be better for you to simply get someone else to deal with your junk.

Lastly, consider possible damage to your house and car as well as your health. Hauling junk to the dump or recycling center can ruin the interior of your car and moving junk around your home can result in nicked walls and damaged floors. More importantly, however, is your health. If you’re not in the best of health or if you have back problems, you should not haul away your own junk.

If after considering these things, you decide you would prefer to hire a professional Austin junk hauling contractor, you can find Dirty Work on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Austin junk hauling

Is your closet brimming full of clothes? Are there thingy-ma-bops and what-cha-ma-callits galore under your bed? Can your careven fit into your garage? Do you even know what’s in your attic?

Looks like it’s time to declutter, but if you need any more motivation, consider these three reasons why you should declutter now:

Clutter stresses you out.

Studies have found that simply looking at clutter can raise your stress levels.  Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D. writes in Psychology Today that clutter causes stress in eight major ways:

  1. Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli which causes our senses to work overtime.
  2. Clutter distracts us.
  3. Clutter makes it more difficult to relax.
  4. Clutter constantly signals to our brains that our work is never done.
  5. Clutter makes us anxious.
  6. Clutter creates feelings of guilt and embarrassment.
  7. Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity.
  8. Clutter frustrates us by preventing us from locating what we need quickly.

You can read the rest of her research and her solutions to the clutter problem here.

Clutter wastes your time.

Sherrie Bourge Carter mentions this as her eighth reason, but we think it’s worthy of a spot all its own. According to Harper’s Index, the average person spends one year of their life looking for lost items! An entire year!

And the National Soap & Detergent Association reports that clearing out excessive clutter would cut the average American’s housework by 40%!

You can do some good.

Most household clutter includes items like extra clothes, furniture, dishes, décor, shoes, etc. that can be donated to a family in need. Donate the items to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. If you only have clothing and shoes, many churches have drop boxes where you can leave the items. Later, they’ll be redistributed to a local family in need.

Are these three reasons enough to get you motivated?

If they are and you decide you have too much clutter to handle on your own, you can find Austin junk hauling contractor Dirty Work on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Austin junk removal Austin junk removal Austin junk removalAustin junk removal Austin junk removal

Austin junk removal

Austin junk removal

Austin Junk Removal: Should It Stay or Should It Go?

The hardest part of decluttering is deciding what should stay and what should go. That’s why we love this chart from Make a Thing. Definitely check out the rest of the article as well!

And if you need someone to haul away all that junk after you’re done, call Austin junk removal contractor Dirty Work!