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Austin demolition

Austin demolition

Austin demolition

With over a decade of experience in selective, residential demolition, we know a thing or two about demolition, but did you know these things?

It’s not as explosive as you think.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of demolition? Is it all the clips you’ve seen on the nightly news of enormous skyscrapers being brought down with tons of dynamite? For many people, this is their default definition of demolition. However, explosive demolition makes the nightly news because it’s relatively rare – only 2% of all demolition jobs are explosive. The other 98% are selective projects.

It doesn’t have to be wasteful, but it often is.

Did you know that up to 90% of demolition waste is recyclable? Wood, metal, cardboard, paper, plastic, concrete, gravel, drywall, roofing, glass and carpeting – all are recyclable! Unfortunately, only 30% of demolition contractors actually recycle waste, so as a whole, the industry still has a long way to go.

It’s not a DIY project…

There are thousands of articles online with step by step instructions for how to do demolition yourself. Most of them make it look pretty simple, but selective, residential demolition requires quite a bit of skill, experience and precision. If you’re relying on online instructions, you’ll have no one to ask for help if you run into something you can’t handle. If you make a mistake and have to call a contractor in to fix it, you’ll likely end up spending hundreds or thousands more than you would have if you had called a contractor originally.

Because it’s dangerous.

As we mentioned above, we advise against amateurs attempting DIY demolition jobs because fixing a mistake is expensive, but more importantly, we advise against it because demolition is dangerous. Demolition tools are especially dangerous in untrained hands. Last year, over 15,000 people were admitted to an emergency room from an injury implemented by a saw, 4,000 were admitted because of an injury sustained by a hammer and almost 40,000 were injured by a ladder!

In addition, demolition jobs produce a lot of dust. If you don’t know how to contain the dust or don’t have the appropriate equipment, you could be exposed to an unhealthy amount of dust and exposure to dust can cause serious damage to your lungs.

If you’re not sure that you have the knowledge to safely and efficiently handle your demolition job, you should consider hiring an Austin demolition contractor, like Dirty Work, to help you out. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Austin demolition Doing demolition yourself may seem like an easy way to save some money, but before you start tearing anything down, here’s a few things that can go wrong that you should consider…

You might end up spending a lot of money.

Ironically, most people choose to do demolition themselves to save money, but then many end up spending tons of money on tools, materials and other things. Not to mention if you make a mistake, getting a contractor to come out there and fix it will cost a lot more money than hiring a contractor to do the job for you originally would have cost. Ask any demolition contractor and they’ll tell you that they’ve all had a homeowner call them to fix a DIY job gone wrong that ended up costing thousands more than the contractor would have originally charged to handle the job.

You might run into a problem you can’t handle.

Selective demolition projects require a lot of skill. It’s not as simple as all the online DIY articles make it seem and if you’re relying on online advice, you’ll have no one to ask for help if you can’t figure out the job on your own. If this is your first demolition job, you’re likely to run into problems you don’t know how to handle and as we mentioned above, if you make a mistake in handling these problems, it can really cost you.

You might run into some dangers.

Demolition can be dangerous. Of course, when it comes to the dangers of demolition, the first thing everyone thinks about is finding asbestos in their wall. Indeed, if you do find asbestos in your wall, you should discontinue your DIY project and call a professional who is certified in asbestos removal.

However, people are frequently injured by some of the sneakier dangers associated with demolition. Improperly contained dust, for example, can cause lung damage and almost 40,000 people are admitted to an emergency room each year because of injuries caused by a ladder!

If you aren’t positive that doing your demolition yourself would be both cheap and safe, you should really consider hiring a demolition contractor.

And as always, if you’re in the Austin area and need an Austin demolition contractor, you can find Dirty Work on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Austin demolition

It’s Earth Day! And in honor of Earth Day, we’d like to explain why we’re passionate about green demolition.

Green demolition? Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? How could demolishing a building ever be considered green?

Well, it’s estimated that up to 90% of demolition waste is recyclable. Wood, metal, cardboard, paper, plastic, concrete, gravel, drywall, roofing, glass and carpeting – all of these common demolition waste items can be recycled.

Unfortunately, only 30% of demolition contractors recycle demolition waste. With demolition waste accounting for about 80 million tons of waste annually, this is a ton of unnecessary trash we’re producing!

So what can you do to stop this unnecessary waste?

First, understand the difference between demolition and deconstruction. In essence, demolition is a catch all term that encompasses deconstruction. Hence, all deconstruction jobs are demolition jobs, but not all demolition jobs are deconstruction jobs. Demolition refers to any form of tearing down a building. Deconstruction, however, refers to “unbuilding.” Specifically, it’s a term used to describe taking apart a home in a way that salvages as many materials as possible for reuse.

Discuss this with your demolition contractor before you hire them. If you have a lot of materials that will be able to be donated, such as tile, carpet, fixtures, etc, make sure they know your preference is for these items to be donated.

If you don’t have many items that can be donated, your job will be considered a demolition job, but that’s no reason it can’t still be green! Make sure your demolition contractor will recycle all your waste. If this is a problem for them, hire someone else!

And as always, if you’re in need of an Austin demolition company that will recycle all your demolition waste, you can find Dirty Work on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Austin demolition

As we’ve mentioned frequently on this blog before, residential demolition turns your home into a job site. Because of this, it’s important that you know a few things about residential demolition before the contractors show up at your house…

It’ll be loud.

To put it bluntly, residential demolition jobs are loud and messy! Fortunately, most of them only take a couple of hours to a couple of days to complete. Still, you might want to consider giving your neighbors a heads up or scheduling the job during hours they’re likely to be at work.

Make arrangements for pets.

Pets are especially sensitive to sound, so you may need to make other arrangements for them during your job. If you decide to keep them in the home, however, make sure they’re secured in a room. Demolition contractors can inadvertently scare dogs to which dogs often respond aggressively. It’s simply easier for us and less stressful for your pets, if they’re not around the site.

Don’t come to us.

This one is a major safety concern. While your contractor is working on your home, your home is a job site. Don’t ever approach your contractor with questions while he’s working. It could be dangerous. Instead, call him over to you.

We can’t do anything with asbestos.

Nothing shuts down a demolition job faster than finding asbestos. As a demolition contractor, we’ll check the site for asbestos before we begin demolishing it, but if we find any, we can’t continue. You’ll need the services of a certified asbestos abatement contractor first.

We know what we’re talking about.

As an Austin demolition company that’s been in business over a decade, we’re handled more demolition jobs than we can even count and there’s a reason we advise homeowners to not attempt a DIY demolition job. Selective residential demolition jobs require quite a bit of experience. Because of this, you should carefully consider any suggestions your demolition contractor may make.

And as always, if you need an Austin demolition contractor, you can find Dirty Work on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.