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Austin Waste Removal: Awesome Infographic About Holiday Waste

Check out this awesome holiday waste infographic from Sustainable America!

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Green Christmas

Did you know that the average American produces 25% more trash during the holidays? If you’re concerned about keeping your holidays environmentally-friendly, here are some easy things  you can do to lessen your impact:

  1. Buy reusable gift sacks or save your gift sacks for use next year.
  2. Avoid using wrapping paper.
  3. Don’t use ribbons or bows.
  4. Gift experiences like gift cards, tickets, etc. instead of material items.
  5. Send e-cards instead of Christmas cards.
  6. Recycle any Christmas cards you receive.
  7. Hire a junk hauling company to clean out your house before Christmas to make room for your new stuff. Make sure to find one that will donate everything they haul away!
  8. Buy reusable batteries for your new toys.
  9. Consider giving “green” gifts such as reusable water bottles, etc.
  10. Purchase a real Christmas tree. Fake ones are made from non-biodegradable plastic.
  11. Use LED lights.
  12. Make your own decorations out of junk you have lying around your house. Check out the Dirty Work Pinterest page for awesome ideas for how to do this.
  13. Don’t use plastic plates and utensils or disposable table cloths.
  14. Set automatic timers on your lights and don’t keep them running all night long.
  15. Cut down on left overs by allowing guests to take home a plate each.

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Here at Dirty Work, we’re dreaming of a junk-filled Christmas! And we aren’t the only ones…

Here’s 5 of the coolest DIY, upcycling Christmas ideas, we’re seen floating around online.

Song Bird Blog shared this simple idea perfect for beginner upcyclers. All you need is a few old beer bottles and candles, some twine, some evergreen twigs and a few small Christmas tree ornaments. Target even sells entire packages of the ornaments on the $1 aisle! And by using recycled beer bottles, you could make this entire decoration for less than $5 and 20 minutes!

Upcycled Christmas Decorations

This awesome ironing board Christmas tree comes from Beyond the Picket Fence. It’s a unique and adorable way to display your Christmas cards and photos. Becky, the author of the blog post, found the ironing board at a thrift store and includes step by step instructions to help you make your own!

Upcycled Christmas Decorations

 Looking for a great DIY wreath? We love this one from Sustaina Blog. All you need is some old wine corks, some beads, a bit of ribbon and a piece of mistletoe. All things that you probably have around the house or can buy at your local dollar store! And if this wreath doesn’t quite speak to you, Sustaina Blog has 9 other awesome DIY Christmas wreath ideas!

Upcycled Christmas Decorations

My Salvaged Treasures created one of the most unique pieces of Christmas decor that we’ve seen! It’s a little more complex to make than some of the other ideas, but it’s an awesome way to save some random knick knacks from the trash can. My Salvaged Treasures has step by step instructions for how to create this tape measure Christmas tree decoration on their blog.

Upcycled Christmas Decorations

We saw this adorable and simple DIY Christmas decoration on Pinterest, but we aren’t quite sure where it came from originally. (If you know, let us know and we’ll give credit where credit is due!) Anyways, we love it! It would be simple to make out of an old picture frame, which you can find for cheap at almost any garage sale, and some old Christmas lights that don’t work anymore!


What do you think about these ideas? Love them or hate them?

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