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Austin waste management

Austin waste management

Austin waste management

It’s Throwback Thursday! In honor of it, here’s the very first photo we every posted on Facebook!

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ImageA couple of months ago, we ran the “Dirty Work Challenge.” It was a simple premise. We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to send us a picture of their dirtiest job and we’d handle it for free if it was the dirtiest job we saw!

Our winner was an Austin-resident named Lauren. Lauren had recently moved into a new home only to find the backyard covered in trash and debris. Especially random was all the carpet. Tons and tons of carpet! It started in the top left corner of Lauren’s yard and continued all through the middle of the yard to the right hand side!

Lauren estimated that there was about 100 square of carpet in total as well as an old mattress pad and rug. All completely buried under dirt, making removing it difficult. In fact, since all that junk had been there more than seven years, it was even starting to grow plants!

So how did all this junk get in Lauren’s backyard?

Unfortunately, it was an all too common scenario. Back in 2006 when the previous owners of Lauren’s house flipped it, they didn’t want to pay to hire a junk hauling company to come get the trash or take the time to haul everything to the dump themselves – so they let it become Lauren’s problem.

This is only one of the ways that illegal dumping can become your problem and honestly, it’s the easiest problem to solve. Lauren just had to call us or any other junk removal company and they could handle her problem quickly.

But the other consequences of illegal dumping aren’t that easy to get rid of. Illegally dumping carpet, mattresses and other things creates a fire hazard and a health risk. Areas full of trash are also breeding grounds for diseased animals like mosquitos and rats.

And once a fire starts in an illegal dump or an outbreak of diseased animals develops, it can be almost impossible to control.

That’s why it’s so important to clean up illegal dump sites. So what can you do to help?

Well if you find yourself in a situation like Lauren’s where the debris is now your problem, call an Austin trash removal contractor to get rid of it as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to get bitten by a diseased rat or mosquito that’s been breeding in your backyard or have your home catch on fire!

But even if the illegal dump is in a public place, you should still do something about it! Call your city officials and report your concerns. They’ll then send someone out to handle it.


Austin waste managementAustin waste management